Science Based Nutrition™ 
                                                         Comprehensive Objective Personalized Blood Tests 


How do you know if you’re truly healthy? 
As you may know; you can feel good, without any symptoms, and still have dis-ease in your body? How you feel doesn’t really indicate how healthy you are. Someone close to me (age 57) felt great, exercised daily, and ate well and, he just received a diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma.  

This can happen to anyone because it occurs below the level of how we feel. It’s worth repeating: How you feel doesn’t indicate how healthy you are. This means that we must take a proactive, wellness-based approach to staying truly well.   

Because blood testing is the objective gold standard of your current level of function and health, I’ve recently incorporated Science Based Nutrition (SBN) into my practice. A comprehensive blood test with SBN’s thorough, objective, and personalized computer report clearly represents your true level of function and health.   

How it works: 
A computer program analyzes your blood test results, along with your age, weight, blood pressure, height, and your current medications and supplements. Then, the computer program analyzes the Standard Process line of organically-grown, whole-food nutritional supplements to find which supplements correct and balance your blood values (instead of potentially toxic medications).   

Depending on your blood test results, it recommends three to twelve supplements. If you’re already truly healthy, it indicates few supplements. For more challenged health, it recommends more supplements. Personally, I’d rather do this than take even one medication.    

For optimal results, you stay on recommended supplements for two months. Then, you get retested and analyzed to adjust the supplements, so you’ll move further toward optimum health and function.  

We’re looking for progress, not perfection. To achieve true health, the goal is that all blood lab values are within healthy range. That’s when you know that you’re optimally functioning and healing.   

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