What exactly is The Acugraph 
                                                                                        Why do you do The Acugraph on every visit?

The Acugraph is a computerized, non invasive, diagnostic software that very accurately measures the Energy, Chi, or Life Force traveling through your Acupuncture system. It is the Acupuncture system that carries the animating Life Force of the body that has you be alive! The Acugraph measures the flow of this vital life giving energy, giving us a unique inside look at how your Acupuncture system is Functioning. The physical body always follows the energetic system. 

The 12 main Acupuncture meridians are:

  • Lung
  • Spleen
  • Pericardium (hormones, circulation)
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Small Intestine
  • Bladder
  • Triple Heater (metabolism)
  • Gallbladder
  • Large Intestine
  • Stomach 

A bar graph is printed giving me a hard copy “Blueprint” of your Acupuncture system to work off of. This is very important as I can see where your Acupuncture is out of balance and then see what is negatively affecting your Acupuncture system and therefore your body. 

Since birth we are constantly exposed to: environmental chemicals, heavy metals and infections on a daily basis. Sometimes the body is not able to fully detoxify these invaders and they get stuck or trapped in the body’s tissues (organs, glands and tissues). These Toxins cause imbalance, dysfunction, symptoms and eventually disease within the body. 

There are only a few offices in South Florida that use The Acugraph. In addition and exclusive to our Wellness Center is that I use several other Alternative approaches to see exactly what is causing your Acugraph to be ‘Imbalanced’. I use homeopathic vials to see what Toxins are in your body from Dr. Fred Ulan’s Nutritional Response Testing work. In addition, being certified in Applied Kinesiology, I am able to test exactly which homeopathic vials are Causing your Acugraph to be out of balance, and therefore your body to be imbalanced and in a state of dysfunction. These vials are:

Environmental chemicals – formaldehyde, pesticides, hydrocarbons, etc.
Heavy metals – lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc.
Infections – yeast, virus, bacteria, strep, parasites
Food sensitivities – eggs, wheat, dairy, sugar, eggs, etc...

In my clinical experience it is these “Toxins” that are the Cause of many of today’s degenerative diseases! That is why I take the time to test off your Acugraph and see exactly Toxins you have stored in your body and place those homeopathic vials on your body. This “Cues” the body to release these toxins over the next 2-4 days! Therefore effectively detoxifying the major underlying cause(s) of today’s degenerative diseases!

By testing off The Acugraph we get to see exactly what toxins are causing imbalance and dysfunction in your body AND gives me a “Blueprint” of what Acupuncture points to treat to bring your Acupuncture system and Body into 100% Energetic Balance. It is in this unique deeply Balanced state that the body is BEST able to detoxify and heal itself! 

Like layers of an onion, the body heals in “Layers”. It literally has layers of ‘toxicity’ and ‘dysfunction’ that needs to be cleared. Each visit we effectively clear a layer of toxicity, imbalance and dysfunction in the body.