What is acupuncture and what’s the function of the needles?

 Acupuncture is a healing science and art that’s over 2500 years old. We comprise the oneness of physical existence (body) and invisible energy (consciousness). 
In the acupuncture system, energy pathways or meridians carry our life force energy throughout our bodies and innervate, interact, and influence human function, performance, and health. Acupuncture understands this profound oneness of body and consciousness.  
This means that imbalance in the physical body shows up in the acupuncture system (energy), and imbalance in energy shows up in the body. The two are intricately interrelated as one. We can actually pick up dysfunction in energy, long before it shows up in the body. 
Acupuncture creates a unique, deep energetic balance in the body. In this state of optimum ability, the body can detoxify itself of deep-seated and often unseen toxins and heal itself. Using the computerized Acugraph chart  makes the invisible energy, visible; and I see which acupuncture meridians are imbalanced and how to create deep, energetic balance.
I place hair-thin, painless needles into specific acupuncture points shown in the Acugraph chart to create deep, whole-body balance. A balanced acupuncture system creates a balanced oneness of body and consciousness (emotions) and optimum internal communication.
It also stimulates optimum detoxification and healing. After an acupuncture treatment, the body/consciousness continues to detoxify and heal for 3 to 4 days.
In my 29 years’ professional career, I’ve used many healing therapies. Acupuncture, with Acugraph computerized testing, creates optimal results.