Chiropractic Care  

If you live on planet earth, you probably can benefit from some form of ‘Chiropractic Care’.  Due to the birth process, childhood falls, athletic injuries, personal and auto accidents, stress, gravity, repetitive injuries, diet and other factors that affect the human body, most of us need hands on structural care.  

Chiropractors are highly trained (4 years undergraduate and 4 years of chiropractic school) doctors who specialize in the “structural and functional care” of people.  After 20 years experience, I have come to know that the body prefers and responds great to  gentle, light, ‘adjustments’. 

I use advanced Applied Kinesiology testing to access exactly what spinal vertebrae or extremity articulations (shoulder, knee, etc) need care, and in what direction they need to be moved to attain optimum alignment and motion.  In addition, I use ‘The Adjustor’, which is an adjusting device that delivers about 10-15 micro-adjustments a second.  I use this while putting the neck or low back through its ranges of motion (called motion adjusting).  This retrains the spinal vertebrae to move correctly and in alignment through all its motions.  It is pain free and very effective. 

Many professional sports teams utilize Chiropractic Care to keep their elite athletes healthy and playing at peak performance.  So should you.