" From the worst sickness in my life to normal again was amazing! Dr. Karp amazes me all of the time with his healing abilities. Unbelievable!"

Josh R.

" Love Dr. Drew Karp! He has helped me keep my digestive issues balanced by treating the underlying issues.  I have been seeing Dr. Karp for over 20 years."  

Tina M.


" Dr. Drew Karp is my healing magician. Thank you for constantly creating miracles to save my life, even when the doctors were clear that I hardly had a chance." 

Carolina A.

 NAET - Allergy Desensitization & Elimination  

 These allergies or sensitivities cause chronic (low grade) inflammation, dysfunction and eventually symptoms that cannot be traced by conventional methods.

The Balance - Computerized Nutritional Testing

‚ÄčLeading-edge, computerized nutritional testing software that reads and analyzes the energetic function of the human body (glands, organs, systems). 


Computerized Acupuncture Testing

‚ÄčNon-invasive, computerized, acupuncture testing software, that accurately measures the amount of energy, 'chi,' or 'life force,' traveling through your twelve main acupuncture meridians.