NAET - Allergy Desensitization & Elimination  

In my experience I have seen that many people have clinical and sub-clinical (minimal or no symptoms) allergies or sensitivities.

 These allergies or sensitivities cause chronic (low grade) inflammation, dysfunction and eventually symptoms that cannot be traced by conventional methods.  Using advanced Applied Kinesiology testing and the NAET homeopathic allergy vials, we can see what you are sensitive or allergic to.   

The technology is that by placing those vials on your body as we do whole body Acupuncture, we are placing the offending (allergic) substance in your energy field while you are 100% Balanced, therefore desensitizing you to the allergy.  By staying off of those substances for the following 25 hours, it locks in the clearing. This work is very sensitive and gets to allergies and sensitivities that you probably won’t see through conventional testing.  

I have treated many people with chronic sinus, allergies and associated conditions, and NAET - Allergy Desensitization and Elimination Technique, always makes a big difference in their recovery.