Acugraph - ls a computerized acupuncture testing device that accurately measures the amount of energy, Chi or Life Force flowing through your 12 main acupuncture meridians. It measures the energy that keeps you alive. The acupuncture meridians are invisible energetic pathways that carry your Life Force Energy that feeds the cells, tissues, glands and organs. A printout of your Acugraph test is generated that I use as a blueprint to treat you to get the best results possible. The printed bar graph makes your invisible life force energy visible and quantifiable. 

Applied Kinesiology – Applied Kinesiology or AK is a way of accessing the innate or Divine Intelligence of the body. I have a direct (silent and energetic) conversation with the body to get important answers to health challenges. No matter what your health challenge or symptoms are, using AK we can “trace” what the underlying cause is and correct it using body friendly and effective therapies. Applied Kinesiology saves a ton of time and expense and, gets us working on the key health challenges your body is facing. 

Allergy and Toxin Detoxification - Using advanced Applied Kinesiology testing, I see what health depleting toxins are within the body. By placing the specific homeopathic vials on the body during your treatment, it cues the body to release those toxins over the following 3-4 days. lt is these very toxins that interfere with the normal function of the body and eventually cause symptoms. I also see what foods you need to avoid. 

 Acupuncture – Using the Acugraph computer findings, I place hair thin needles in specific acupuncture points to deeply balance your body. In this uniquely balanced state, your body is able to effectively detoxify deep seated health depleting toxins, harmonize and optimize internal organ function, and, achieve a deep state of emotional balance. 

The Balance - ls a cutting edge and very accurate computer software that energetically reads the body to see where imbalances/deficiencies are and recommends the “correct” whole food nutritional supplements to address (balance/nourish) those issues. The Balance works by sending very subtle digital stress signals into the body and reads how the body reacts to those stressors. The software looks through the Standard Process line of whole food supplements and picks the ones that deeply balance the body. It works on a nutritional level where as acupuncture works on an energetic level to bring about deep internal detoxification, balance and healing. The human body works and heals best in a deeply balanced state. 

 Computerized Blood Work - Is a comprehensive blood test that is analyzed by a cutting edge computer software. The software chooses the exact supplements that will balance the blood work and enhance the function of your body.
This works on the blood level, so it goes very deep. You stay on the supplements for 2 months and then we retest to monitor your progress. A comprehensive written report accompanies your findings explaining each of the findings and what supplements are recommended. This work is leading edge functional medicine and is probably like nothing you have ever had before and is very accurate.

Chiropractic Care – Is a hands-on technique that helps to align and enhance motion of your spine and extremities (shoulder, knees, etc.). Pain is sometimes caused by misalignment and stress in your spine and/or extremities creating inflammation. Left untreated can cause early degenerative changes, reduced motion and weakness. I use gentle, non-force adjustments as I have found over time that the body needs gentle directional adjustments to "re-train" the area to be in proper alignment and function correctly.

Daily Energy Balancing - In my 31 years of experience I have noticed that people can and do benefit from being energetically balanced on a daily basis. Fourteen years ago, I developed a remote (at a distance) energetic technique called Daily Energy Balancing. Briefly explained, I place your name and birth date in a computer software. Every morning before 9:00 am I intentionally tap a special Tibetan Bowl and broadcast the deeply balancing energy to your name and birth date. The deeply balancing vibrational energy of the bowl simultaneously and instantaneously reaches you wherever you are in real time (just like how a cell phone or email works).
You do not have to do anything or be anywhere. I spend about 10 minutes doing this each morning, 7 days a week. I believe that due to the many stressors of modern daily life (along with chronic and even hereditary issues) that we need energetic balancing support on a daily basis. This way you have a clear canvas to start your day, every day.
The fee is just $30 a month and you can add up to 5 family members at no additional charge. You receive an email each morning letting you know what time you were energetically balanced along with an empowering quote. Sign up at front desk. 

Dr. Drew Karp’s Skin Supplement and Face oil - When people start to feel better I am often asked about anti-aging. “Dr. can you help me look better and younger”? It has happened so often that I developed what I consider one of the best facial skin anti-aging and beautification supplements and face oil on the market. The combination of the skin supplement and face oil creates transformational changes to your facial skin starting almost immediately. Both products are all organic and work together to illuminate, smooth, tighten and help you have the very best skin possible.
So you actually look better with time.