"I have dealt with Plantar Fasciitis for many years, but have kept it under control with custom orthotics, stretching and not going bare foot around the house.  Anyone familiar with this awful condition of extreme heel pain knows how debilitating it can be.  It feels as if someone is stabbing your the bottom of your foot especially the first few steps in the morning. The usual time frame for healing can be up to six months.  This condition has literally ended some athlete's careers.

At my last month's visit to Dr. Karp, I told him that I was having excruciating heel pain which I figured was from the marble floors in my new house...During my visit and acupuncture treatment, Dr. Karp told me that the heel pain would subside in three weeks.  Again, after having several bouts of plantar fasciitis I thought to myself, that would be awesome, but doubtful knowing how long a flare up can take to go away.  

I was EXTREMELY happy to tell Dr. Karp today, just as he said, the pain subsided in three weeks! 

I am highly allergic to cats.  After spending the day celebrating my best friend's birthday at her home last Monday,, I didn't feel the effects of her two cats until later that evening.  I also began to feel feverish with chills and a sore throat.  It literally hurt to blink. I thought for sure, I was doomed for a week of being sick. By Tuesday afternoon, I couldn't get out of bed and called Dr. Karp to see if by some chance, he had an opening on Wednesday.  It took a lot to muster up the strength to drive to his office , Dr. Karp detected what the underlying cause to my allergies were. And I also caught a very bad cold over the weekend. Dr. Karp treated me with acupuncture and told me to rest the rest of the day and get a good night sleep.  I went home, relaxed and went to bed at 9:30.  By mid morning the next day, I literally felt A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER!!  

Thank you Dr. Karp!


Dr. Karp's comments: 
Firstly, I am very grateful that I can help Monica to both feel and be better.
Very often, plantar fasciitis is really caused by a weakness in the body (lungs, kidneys) and that is revealed in the feet.
I know that sounds odd, and, I have seen that on multiple occasions. I have treated the underlying issue and never even treated the feet and people get well. The goal is to get the whole body functioning as close to 100% as possible and allow the body to heal itself. That happens with computer assisted acupuncture and computerized nutritional testing.
In regards to the allergy to cats, there was a deep seated and unseen immune challenge in the lungs that needed to be cleared.
Using advanced applied kinesiology testing we can see what the underlying cause to the allergy is and clear that.
Then the body is able to get well as that deep seated toxin is detoxified and cleared.

"I see Dr. Karp as a modern day miracle worker. He uses both modern and ancient techniques to enable my body to stay healthy."    Sandra P.

"Dr. Drew Karp is an angel sent from God. I wish I had found him sooner.  After 5 months of seeing conventional doctors for chest tightness, dizziness, shallow breathing, and convulsions, where they all could not understand what was wrong, 
Dr. Karp, knew in my first visit that the cause of my symptoms were chemical,and I had toxins in my lungs.  
Before my third session, I had no more chest spasms, and all  of my symptoms were gone. I was amazed. Dr Karp cured me in two weeks."     C.Martin

"Several major surgeries last year left my body very damaged. I was not healing and was in terrible pain. I could not digest anything and could eat only a bland diet.
Within four months of seeing Dr. Karp, my pain is GONE and I am eating a variety of foods again. He has truly changed my life. He is a "miracle."  Laurie T.

" From the worst sickness in my life to normal again was amazing! Dr. Karp amazes me all of the time with his healing abilities. Unbelievable!
Of all of the healers I have met in my life, Dr. Karp understands life on a much deeper level And has a connection that can only be felt and not spoken."    Josh R.

" Love Dr. Drew Karp! He has helped me keep my digestive issues balanced by treating the underlying issues.  I have been seeing Dr. Karp for over 20 years."  Tina M.

" Dr Drew Karp is my healing magician. Thank you for constantly creating miracles to save my life, even when the doctors were clear that I hardly had a chance. "Carolina A.